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Title Loans in Pearland, Texas Car Title Loans Pearland:
Are They Bad?

Have you heard only negative things about car title loans Pearland? Perhaps you know someone who got one and had his car repossessed, or someone told you that they have extremely high interest rates and you should avoid them. Are these things true?


Hi, We’re Pearland Title Finance and we specialize in providing auto title loans Pearland. We’d love to introduce you to our loans and dispel some of the bad press they’ve received. Yes, some people have negative experiences with our loans. However, bad outcomes happen only to the very few customers who take on car title loans Pearland, Texas without understanding the terms involved or who simply borrow more than they can afford to repay.

About Us

Why Car Title Loans Pearland, TX Were Created

Vehicle title loans Pearland were designed specifically for people with poor credit. This happens when your credit is damaged by events such as:

 Late payments







Once your credit is damaged, it becomes very difficult to get a loan. Reputable lenders like banks and credit unions typically only want to work with customers who have perfect credit and great income.


That leaves a large population of deserving Americans out in the cold. Who can they turn to if they suddenly find themselves facing a financial emergency? Where can they go if they get laid off and can’t pay their bills, or if they’re being threatened with eviction, or they need an unexpected medical procedure?

They can come to Pearland Title Finance. Our car title loans are credit-check free loans that accept the title to a vehicle our customers own as collateral. In exchange for their car title, we offer them loans based on the value of those vehicles rather than the information contained in their credit reports.

This means that people who are largely overlooked by this country’s banking system can borrow up to tens of thousands of dollars without ever having their credit reports pulled. They may be able to do so even if they aren’t currently employed! How can we do this?

How it Works

How Car Title Loans Work

Clients must meet four very basic qualifications to be eligible to apply for our title loans. These are:

- They must be 18 or older.

- They must be legal U.S. residents.

- They must have some form of income, even if it isn’t from a job.

- They must own a vehicle and be in possession of a title in their own names.

If a client meets these criteria, they can apply for a loan. The application process is very short and simple. We will need:


A copy of the driver’s license or other photo I.D.

The original car title

To inspect the vehicle itself (we won’t hold it)

Proof of income (bank statements or paystubs)

Proof of residence

A list of personal references with phone numbers included

Our clients don’t need to be working to qualify for our loans. They do, however, need some sort of income with which to pay their loans off. We can accept child support, alimony, unemployment, worker’s compensation, disability payments and more as income. Present your situation to us and we’ll work with you.

The title must be in your name and the vehicle must be fully paid off. This means you don’t owe the seller any more money for it. If the vehicle was a gift and doesn’t have your name on the title, ask the person who gave it to you to sign the title over to you. If you’ve lost your title, simply visit the Department of Motor Vehicles nearest you to apply for a duplicate title. There is a small fee associated with this. Then bring the duplicate title with you when you apply for our loans.

Once the application is complete, we’ll inspect the vehicle and offer a loan amount based on that vehicle’s current market value. We’ll go over the loan terms and repayment plan thoroughly. If everything is satisfactory to our client, he or she signs the documents, leaves the title in our care and collects the loan money. The vehicle itself stays with the client.

What do we at Pearland Title Finance do with the title? We will file for a temporary lien on the title, which grants us a short-term right to pick up the vehicle and sell it to pay off the loan in the event that a client goes into default.

We’re happy to say that repossessions are a rarity. Most of our clients listen fully when we explain the repayment plan, and if for any reason they find themselves unable to make a payment, they call us and we will work together with them to find a solution. Repossession is the absolute last step when all else has failed, when clients have abandoned making payments and refuse our calls for months.

Once a client makes his last payment, we close the account, rescind the lien on the title and return the title itself. Our auto title loans Pearland provide clients who have been turned down by everyone else access to loan money at reasonable repayment terms. Are our interest rates high? They may be slightly higher than the rates someone with perfect credit would pay on a loan from his personal bank. However, our interest rates are competitive and fair, and our payment plans are flexible. We make sure your payments are affordable and the length of your payment contract fits your budgetary needs.

How to Apply

Can Our Loans Help You?

Are you in a tough financial situation? Have you been injured and can’t work? Are you facing an unexpected repair on a major appliance or your family vehicle? Do your children need school clothes and materials?

Pearland Title Finance helps people in similar circumstances every single day. Their situations are worsened by poor credit, which means most borrowing options are closed to them. Not car title loans, though! Through an auto title loan, they can borrow the money they need as quickly as the same day they apply for it, no credit check, no hassle!

Have you been turned down by banks and credit unions? Then why not apply for a loan with Pearland Title Finance? See for yourself why auto title loans are terrific!